Syracuse City School District Report on Recent Cyber-Event

Syracuse City School District is still under cyber-attacks,  “As we have previously acknowledged, the Syracuse City School District recently experienced a cyber-event which caused some computer files and systems to become temporarily inoperable. The event was the result of a ransomware attack executed against the District by an unknown threat actor that has targeted school districts and municipalities across the United States.

Upon discovering the incident, the District took immediate action to isolate the impacted systems and restore operations. Through our cyber insurance policy, we engaged leading cybersecurity experts to assist the District in restoring access to our systems. These experts obtained decryption keys to unlock the system within 24 hours, which allowed the District to regain access to its systems. We expect the cyber insurance policy to cover the costs of this incident, subject to a $50,000 deductible.

As of today, most of our key systems are operational, including our website, student management system and business operating system. We continue working to bring other systems back on-line as expeditiously and securely as possible.  The District has increased the level of security and back up capabilities significantly to help prevent a similar attack from occurring in the future.  We will also provide staff with training on email and messaging security, browser safety and a cyber-security overview.

The District will continue conducting a comprehensive forensic audit of its technical systems over the next several weeks with the assistance of the third-party experts and law enforcement. To date, the forensic audit has not identified any indication that any data has been taken from the District’s systems.”

According to the District, “Due to the ongoing forensic audit, this is all the information we are able to provide at this time.”