Syracuse Common Council Approves Municipal Sidewalk Snow Removal Pilot

What City Residents Need to Know About the Supplemental Sidewalk Snow Removal Project

The City of Syracuse, at no additional cost to taxpayers, will run a small-scale test or “pilot” of municipal removal of snow from certain sidewalks for the remainder of winter 2019. The pilot will cover sidewalks on approximately 20 miles of streets located in each quadrant of the city. This represents less than 5% of sidewalks in the city. A map and list of the covered streets is attached to this information sheet. This is a supplemental program, which means property owners are still responsible for clearing and maintaining their sidewalks. Click on links below for detailed information on the program, route of municipal sidewalk snow removal and more.

The purpose of the pilot is to improve public safety and walkability in Syracuse. The purpose is also to help the city understand if and how it should conduct municipal sidewalk snow removal in the future. The Department of Public Works will oversee a local contractor to complete the pilot. Based on what we learn, the city can determine how to best approach this work in the future.