Syracuse Firefighters Called to Fire in Large Apartment Building on E. Fayette St.

Syracuse, N.Y. – At 7:44 P.M. yesterday, January 26th, firefighters were called to 1815 East Fayette Street for a reported structure fire.  The first units were on scene in less than three minutes and found a heavy smoke condition on at least two floors of the 4-story building.

Firefighters immediately began searching for trapped or endangered occupants.  Residents in several parts of the building had to be evacuated, while residents in unaffected areas were advised to shelter in place.    Crews located a fire in the basement, and had it extinguished in less than 10 minutes.  However, it took over 30 minutes to completely clear all of the smoke from the building.

The Syracuse Police Department, National Grid, and AMR also responded to the scene.  No injuries were reported.  Members of the Fire Investigation Bureau are currently working to determine the cause of the fire.

Fire alarm systems save lives.  If the alarm in your building goes off, you should evacuate immediately.  Once you are outside, stay outside.