Syracuse City School District’s High School Drive-Thru Graduations at OCC

Due the pandemic and cancellation of traditional graduation ceremonies, each of the Syracuse City School District’s five high schools is holding a drive-thru graduation ceremony on the OCC campus.

Two of them have already happened. Corcoran was last Saturday, and ITC was yesterday afternoon.

Here’s the remainder of the schedule:

Today                    4pm                       PSLA at Fowler

Saturday              9:15am                 Nottingham

Sunday                 9:15am                 Henninger

  • 50 cars, each with a graduating student inside and up to two family members, drive on campus each hour. The cars process around the campus loop road until they arrive in the Arena parking lot.
  • A tent is set up outside the main entrance to the SRC Arena where the Superintendent, that high school’s Principal, and others are on hand to congratulate the student and hand out his or her diploma.
  • A short distance past the tent is a photo booth where students have their photo taken.
  • Timing: tonight’s Fowler graduation will take 2 to 3 hours. This weekend’s Nottingham and Henninger graduations, which have very large classes, will take approximately 6 to 7 hours.


Cover: 2017 SCSD graduate celebrating