Syracuse Land Bank Properties Available: Wood Ave, Forrest Ave.

The Syracuse Land Bank has houses available for purchase and renovation. The following are just a sampling of the houses that are available. for additional purchase opportunities see the Land Bank available property link below.

Follow the instructions in the listing notes to view Land Bank properties and be sure to include all required attachments with your purchase offer. Sales of properties requiring renovation are subject to an enforcement mortgage, securing a lien against the property that is discharged once the proposed renovations and any other requirements are complete.

Most listings include a scope of work that the buyer must complete to renovate the property within 12 months; if there is no scope attached, you must draft and attach your planned scope of renovations.  In order for your project to be considered complete, you must fulfill all terms of sale, completed all work proposed in your purchase proposal, and obtained a Certificate of Adequacy or Certificate or Certificate of Inspection from Code Enforcement.

First-time homebuyers are required to complete a HUD-approved homebuyer education course; Home HeadQuarters offers a HUD-approved homebuyer education course and income-qualified buyers who complete the course are eligible to receive down payment and closing cost assistance.

The Land Bank Board of Directors will consider complete purchase applications when they meet monthly. Complete applications must be submitted two weeks prior to the Board of Directors meeting for consideration.  All sales are subject to approval by the Land Bank’s Board of Directors. The Board will evaluate applications based on the quality of the development proposal, qualifications of the applicant, consistency of the development plan with the Land Bank’s mission and policies, and amount offered.

129 Wood Ave 
Syracuse, NY 13205
Priced: $5,000  

This single family home has four bedrooms and one bathroom with lots of original hardwood finishes. As a bonus, New Windows and Doors have been installed.  Because of these newly installed windows and doors, a renovation lead clearance inspection will be required to remove enforcement mortgage.  This property is listed in our Home Ownership Choice Program and will require owner occupancy or renovated and sold to an owner occupant.

Mandatory renovation cost is approximately $58k. To submit an offer, the buyer will need to show proof of funds in the amount of $63k. Download the renovation Specs and see additional property of photos at

168-70 Forest Ave
Syracuse, NY 13205
Priced: $19,900.00

This two family home has two bedrooms and one bathroom in each unit.  New Windows, Doors, and a Roof have been recently installed on the property.  Because of these newly installed items, a renovation lead clearance inspection will be required to remove the enforcement mortgage.

The Mandatory Renovation cost is estimated at $55,000.  To submit a purchase offer, the buyer must show proof of funds in the amount of $75,000. Download the Mandatory Renovation Specs and see additional photos at

Contact our office (315) 422-2301 ext 0 to learn more about the Land Bank buying process or to schedule a showing for either property.  See additional Land Bank For Sale properties at