Syracuse Land Bank Renovation Spotlight – 1911 Midland Ave

1911 Midland Ave was acquired by the Land Bank in 2016 and listed for sale in our Home Ownership Choice Program.  This program requires the property to be sold to an owner-occupant or renovated and resold to an owner-occupant.  The 1293 square foot single-family home with four bedrooms and one bathroom was purchased by LandColv, LLC in December 2019 for $5,000.

Mandatory renovations to bring the property back up to code were estimated at $16,300.  Renovations are complete and the home now features a beautiful white exterior, a finished basement, and a remodeled kitchen.

Antonio Owens, a partner of LandColv, LLC grew up just blocks away from this property on Hope Ave. If you are wondering what happened to the red home pictured next door in the “before” photo, which is also a Land Bank property, it has been demolished making way for new construction.