Syracuse Police Continue to Investigate an Officer Involved Motor Vehicle Collision at E. Fayette St. and Bank Alley

*In response to media and social media posts that have been circulating.

On Saturday, June 20th, 2020, at around 8:54 P.M., Officers responded to the intersection of Wyoming St. and Marcellus St. for a shooting with injuries. Officers were able to locate multiple gunshot victims on scene, and several other victims were privately transported to local hospitals.

Around this time, a private vehicle, occupied by two individuals, was going to a nearby hospital for treatment for non-gunshot wound-related injuries to one of the occupants.  During the trip, this vehicle, and a Syracuse Police patrol car collided at the intersection of E. Fayette St. and Bank Alley. After the collision, an ambulance was called to the scene, and both occupants were taken to the hospital.

The Officer was not injured. After the collision, a Traffic Section Investigator responded and began an investigation. The Investigator went to the hospital to meet with the victim and her family. The victim was being treated and not able to be interviewed. The family was provided with the Investigator’s contact information.

Per Department protocol, an internal investigation is being performed on how the collision occurred. More information will be released as the investigation progresses. ​