Syracuse Police Officers Save Woman from 7th Floor Parking Garage Ledge

On Monday, July 1st, 2019, at approximately 3:06 P.M., Officers responded to the Harrison Garage located at 200 Harrison St. for reports of a middle-aged woman standing on the ledge of the 7th floor.  Callers reported that the woman was standing as if she was going to jump.

Detective Scott Clarke was first to respond. Detective Clarke me​t with the woman and attempted to speak with her. She was upset but did not engage in conversation. As Detective Clarke tried to speak her, she was observed on the wrong side of the ledge at significant risk of falling and causing serious bodily harm.

Officers Erik Heppeler, Brent Potts, Cody Nellis, and Travis Rheinheimer responded to the scene to assist. As Detective Clarke continued to attempt to speak with her; the previously mentioned Officers approached her from behind and all assisted in pulling her to safety.

No injuries were reported.

The woman was subsequently transported to a local hospital for treatment.