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Syracuse University Contends with Volcanic Eruption after Racist Video is Posted Online as Fraternity Is Permanently Expelled -Second Video Surfaces- (Updated 4/22/18)

Second Video Has Surfaced. We have the latest…Get Complete Updated information here at urbancny.com 

  • Chancellor Kent Syverud on Saturday April 21st, announced the permanent expulsion of the Syracuse University Chapter of Theta Tau.


  • Steps are also well underway to recommend charges against individual students involved in the disgusting video that surfaced online this week.


  • Outrage builds as Syracuse University Attempts to Manage a Volatile Situation

This could be written in 1968, but it’s not, as these racially charged events are happening on a college campus in 2018. It’s not down south, it’s happening at Syracuse University located in Upstate New York. Incidents like this are more telling about white college campus culture, embracing tools once thought to be instruments of the past.

These symbols have become present day reality on a seemingly progressive college campus. What does a university do when racism is celebrated by a fraternity on a campus, better known for its Carrier Dome filling sports teams?

We’re waking up to the fact that this incident brings national attention to a problem that plagues not just Syracuse University, but our society as a whole. Acting swiftly the university sent a message last night, indicating what was being done to address acts of Theta Tau. The response to the video has managed to figuratively suck all the air out of the Carrier Dome.

The Daily Orange posted the videos, which were allegedly filmed in Theta Tau’s house, a person is forced to his knees as a member of the fraternity held a bottle to his crotch which the pledge proceeded to stroke and engaged in acting out a sex act with his mouth on the bottle. The “leader” then issued the commanded to repeat an “oath” that included racial slurs. The following is the pledge: “I solemnly swear to always have hatred in my heart for n*ggers, sp*cs and most importantly the f*ckin’ k*kes,” the phrase is then repeated by the person kneeling on the floor.

The Huffington Post Adds to the National Attention this Event Brings Syracuse University 

Media outlets nationwide began focusing on the Syracuse University Chapter of Theta Tau story. The Huffington Post posted an NBC Today Show reporter’s video from Syracuse covering the fraternities suspension. It has been upgraded to Theta Tua being expelled from Syracuse University since this new was posted. Huffington Post’s Coverage of Theta Tau Syracuse “Suspended”

Syracuse University Upgrades Penalties as they Expel  the Syracuse University Chapter of Theta Tau

Update: Permanent expulsion of the Syracuse University Chapter of Theta Tau.

According to Chancellor Syverud within 2 hours of knowing about the incident, the university took action. To date, 38 people have been interviewed as the University continues their investigation.  In the video Chancellor Kent Syverud outlines steps taken and next steps to be taken in response to the video posted online by the Daily Orange and spread across the nation.

Syracuse University’s Chancellor Kent Syverud posted this message to Syracuse University staff, alumni and community. Click on following link to view video Syracuse University Permanently Expels Theta Tau Chapter

Warning: Video content may be vile, sexual in nature and contains overt racism. To see for yourself click on the following link, Tau of Theta Tau Video from the Daily Orange .

Second Theta Tau video shows More Use of N- Word, mimed sexual assault of person with disabilities

The Daily Orange has published a video showing people in Theta Tau’s house miming the sexual assault of a person with disabilities.  To view click on the following link Second Video Emerges “Sexual assault on a disabled person”

Posted by The D.O., the video has a person sitting in a rolling chair as three other people appear to mimic a scene where they force him to perform oral sex.

In the narrative, you could describe the second video like this: “He’s drooling out of his mouth, because he’s retarded in a wheelchair,” one person says. “So the hole is already very lubricated.”

One person tries to straddle the person in the chair. But the person jumps out of the chair yelling, “What the f*ck is that thing? What the f*ck you’re uncircumcised, you f*ck.”

“I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” is followed by someone off camera saying “Old ass n*gga”

“What’s Trending” – National Attention on Syracuse University

A video that shows fraternity brothers using racial and homophobic slurs has sparked outrage at Syracuse University, and around the country. In the originally released video a person forces another person to his knees and asks him to repeat an “oath,” including racial slurs. The following is the oath taken at the event:

“I solemnly swear to always have hatred in my heart for n*ggers, sp*cs and most importantly the f*ckin’ k*kes,” the person on his knees repeats.

Click on following link for video What’s Trending Covers Syracuse University Controversial Video

The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities immediately suspended the Theta Tau Fraternity. In an effort to explain the situation Theta Tau issued a statement, “This event was never intended to be centered around racism or hate. This year, one of these brothers is a conservative Republican, and the new members roasted him by playing the part of a racist conservative character,”

Controversial video has caused a visceral response on the Syracuse University campus.

Once viewed, it’s clear that not only was the video racist, it celebrated sexism and homophobia; the only group standing tall after the video was the straight white male. Even the disabled didn’t escape the scourge of Theta Tau, in published reports, detailing another witnessed incident, a person sits down in a rolling chair and a different person yells, “He’s drooling out of his mouth because he’s retarded in a wheelchair.”

Syracuse University Chancellor Kent Syverud, issued a letter to the community Thursday evening. As the university and student representatives continue their meetings to discuss and evaluate measures to prevent events such as this from occurring in the future.

In his efforts to address these issues this Friday morning, Syracuse University Chancellor Kent Syverud attended a sit-in at the Schine Student Center. At that time he apologized for not attended a previous event that took place in Hendricks Chapel Wednesday evening.

Below is the text of the letter released Thursday evening by Chancellor Kent Syverud.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff:

The recent video revealing offensive and unacceptable behavior by members of a Syracuse University fraternity is a painful wake-up call. It has prompted, rightfully, much outrage and concern across our campus. In the last 36 hours, I have listened to and heard from

Chancellor Kent D. Syverud

hundreds of you about how our community should best respond. So many of you have told me how much you care about this University and what it can be at its best: a place where people from all backgrounds care about each other and learn from each other.

As we move forward, I want to share the steps we are taking to meet our commitment of fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment. We intend to do the following:

• Continue suspension of all Theta Tau activities until further notice and engage the Theta Tau national office in conducting a comprehensive chapter review.

  • Conduct a top to bottom review of all our Greek life policies, activities and culture, to be commenced this week and completed in time for us to revise all our practices for the start of the fall semester.


  • Require all Greek and student organization leaders, members and advisors to participate in implicit bias training and inclusivity training.


  • Provide mandatory training for all students, new and continuing, about the culture and expectations of our community.


  • Conduct a review by the academic leadership and administrative leadership, including all deans, of appropriate training for faculty and staff, to commence this summer.


  • Expand Residence Life training related to diversity and inclusion and implicit bias training.


  • Enhance new student orientation and first-year forum and seminars to address diversity and inclusion, implicit bias, alcohol and drugs, and other related topics.Additionally, the student judicial investigation of this matter commenced yesterday and has been pursued with vigor today, including interviews of almost all of the individuals directly involved. It is vital that this investigation, and the judicial process that follows, be fair and expeditious.I will confer with a wide range of student, faculty and staff leaders tomorrow and over the weekend on these steps as well as on other concrete actions that are necessary for the good of our community. I will report on these promptly as options are considered and disclosed.Sincerely,Chancellor Kent Syverud


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