Testing 1-2-3 Phase 1 Completed, Limited Activities are Allowed: County Executive Ryan McMahon’s Daily Briefing – 5-15-20

Syracuse Community Health Center multiple lines to handle demand for general population COVID-19 tests as county expands testing capabilities

We lost 6 people to COVID-19 overnight into Friday. There are 20 new cases as Onondaga County increases its capacity to test anyone who wants to be tested. This marked the second day of testing at the newly opened mobile testing site at WIC, in the parking lot at old Nojaim’s Market parking lot. As of Sunday May 17, 2020, the death toll has risen to 92 people, victims of COVID-19.

McMahon discussed mobile testing at the briefing, “Our mobile testing is going to be done where we see trends, or we don’t have enough data, or we don’t feel we’re getting enough testing in different parts of our county. We’ll be everywhere with Mobile testing.”

Syracuse Community Health Center testing site

Testing at the Syracuse Community Health Center at times had lines several cars deep as participants patiently waited for their test to be performed. The center’s parking lot has been transformed into a drive-thru location for Onondaga County’s response to COVID-19.  Testing is a key component of being able to open as the state has laid out criteria for each phase. McMahon continues, “There’s a regional mandate 775 per day we’ve sent 1200, Onondaga County alone doubled that mandate.”

As we move through the process of re-opening, there are still remaining hurdles to opening our region to all economic activity. Potential Phase 2 opening is May 29th.

Regional Partners

McMahon thanked our partners in the region, Madison, Oswego, Cayuga, Cortland. As he discussed the regions COVID 19 testing results for the region; “Out of our active cases 2/3rds are related to either household contacts or affiliations related to senior buildings. Why is that important? Everyone is already in quarantine when you look at risk to the general public, community spread is an indicator of the intensity of the virus in the public at large. These are situations where it easier for our health department to quickly isolate. We have 1,688 in community isolation or quarantine.”


Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon’s Daily COVID19 Briefing – May 15, 2020 at 3:00 PM

County Executive Ryan McMahon’s Daily Briefing – 5-15-20

County Executive Ryan McMahon’s Daily Briefing – 5-15-20

County Executive Ryan McMahon’s DailySnipit – 5-15-20

Lets be smart…6 feet

“Let’s be smart…6 feet…masks…let’s do it!”


Total Confirmed COVID-19 Confirmed cases May 15th


Total Cases 

  • 1,566 cases
  • 919 are women and 647 are men

Age breakdown is:

  • 49 are under 19
  • 248 in their 20s
  • 189 in their 30s
  • 198 in their 40s
  • 241 in their 50s
  • 210 in their 60s
  • 173 in their 70s
  • 163 in their 80s
  • 95 in their 90s
COVID-19 by the Numbers – 5/15/20
  • 6 new deaths – 90 total
  • 1,543 total cases
  • 20 new cases
  • 662 active cases (+3)
  • 796 recovered cases (+11)
  • 61 hospitalized
  • 17 critical