The 2021 Puerto Rican Flag Raising Ceremony at Syracuse City Hall Friday July 23rd

The people of Puerto Rico have a love of their country known as, “patria,” they accept the free association with the United States, but emphasize loyalty to their own culture, life, spirit, hospitality and heritage.

La Liga says, “Bring your Puerto Rican flag! Join the celebration. We would love for all of you to join us and would be honored if we could receive some coverage for this very important event.”

Puerto Rican Flag Raising Ceremony
12 Noon
Friday, July 23 at City Hall

Final Flag Raising Event Flyer 07.2021 (Bilingual)

The La Liga flyer carries the message, “The white stripes represent victory & peace gained through independence. The blue represents the sky & blue coastal waters. The white star represents the island of Puerto Rico.”