The “Balter” Wrap October 15, 2018

A campaign update provided by the Dana Balter Campaign: “We’re just three weeks out from Election Day, and once again Congressman John Katko spent the week on the defensive.”

Dana Balter started Monday with a press conference calling out John Katko for his refusal to participate in public debates. It seems like the John Katko of 2018 has had a change of heart from his 2014 self. The story – especially Katko’s refusal to debate outside Syracuse – has not gone unnoticed in places like Cayuga and Wayne counties.

Meanwhile, Katko began airing a misleading new ad accusing his opponent of failing to pay sales taxes in Florida. Both and the Auburn Citizen ran fact checks calling out multiple inaccurate and misleading statements in the 30-second spot. Strike that – the Citizen was so impressed with the Katko campaign’s talent for stretching the truth that it ran a whole second story pointing out all the problems.

While Team Katko was taking liberties, the Balter campaign launched a new ad highlighting how Katko is not the independent voice in Congress that he says he is. In fact, he votes with the agenda of President Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans 90% of the time. None of the local media included words like “inaccurate” or “misleading” in their descriptions of Balter’s ad. Weird.

But with Katko making news for all the wrong reasons, Dana Balter was out around the district talking about the issues and taking questions from voters and the press.

Also this week, Katko spend time in Wayne County, stopping by multiple diners. And while his visits may be a “biennial tradition,” the Congressman still doesn’t publicize the appearances ahead of time. This photo was the only thing we could find that announced the visits, though his campaign found time to invite a reporter.

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