The Bellevue Avenue Stakes- Part 3 of 7: It’s getting ugly

…It’s Stephanie Miner on Temperament the runaway Mule, hey ya! Hey ya! She continues her aggressive attacks on her opponent. Oh my God, ladies and gentlemen she’s bringing out the crop. Thwak, “Get out of my way, Joe.” Instead of hitting her horse to spark some fire she reaches over and hits Joe Nicolletti’s Hanna in the left hindquarters.

The race is bunching up as they near the quarter mile mark. It’s Nicolletti’s Hanna bumping into Miner’s runaway mule Temperament. “Not one inch this time,” Nicolletti bellows as Hanna just bulldozes her way to the lead.

On the far side of the track undetected as he makes his move is Alfonso Davis on Starbuck attempting to pass Temperament and Hanna. Both Nicolletti and Miner are dismissing Davis, not seeing the hundreds of black churchgoers waiting to root Davis on in the backstretch of this mile long track.

Meanwhile, in the back of the pack there’s a battle brewing over the Common Council presidency. Van Robinson on Elmer-the-Glue Horse is pulling something out of his hat. Oh no, it’s nothing! There’s nothing coming out Robinson’s cap.
But wait … I don’t believe it … Robinson is trying to obstruct the track, so that his chief rival Bill Ryan on Street Fightin’ Man can’t maneuver around him. Hundreds of unanswered complaints from the NAACP come spilling out on the track. “Oops, my bad,” Robinson snickers as he opens up a two length lead over Bill Ryan.

Ryan, not to be out done, has summoned local animals to his cause. Being from Syracuse, he has the uncanny talent of organizing pigeons to strategically “let go” on people, today the target is Robinson.

“Plop, plop”… and Robinson falls back in the pack, vision obstructed by bird waste on his glasses.

After finishing his photo start, Otis Jennings on Ty-ra-Banks wearing an Armani suit and a tie from Bergan’s downtown.

“I’m ready to lead, I’m dressed for the part,” Jennings shouts as he passes by the group of the remaining 10 black Republicans in Syracuse.

Next week …the battle, I mean race, continues.
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