“The celebration of Hanukkah” Statement from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, Syracuse Mayor and Rabbi light Menorah in Clinton Square

City of Syracuse celebrates Hanukkah with Menorah Lighting Ceremony at Clinton Square

“This evening at sundown, members of the Jewish community all across New York State will begin the celebration of Hanukkah.

Hanukkah celebrates the spirit of resilience and dedication of the Jewish people who faced adversity and persecution with fierce determination. As New Yorkers, we have all been confronted with adversity, challenges and destruction but the message of Hanukkah teaches us to commit to build back better and stronger.

Rabbi Yaakov Rapoport with the menorah at Clinton Square

Rabbi Yaakov Rapoport with the Menorah at Clinton Square lighting ceremony, downtown Syracuse.

I join with all New Yorkers in honoring the message of Hanukkah and commend the willingness of the people of our state to come together during challenging times to create a safer and stronger community for all.

Best wishes for a joyous and safe holiday.”

The City of Syracuse held their Menorah lighting ceremony at Clinton Square. Mayor Miner, Rabbi Yaakov Rapoport, were lifted up  the Clinton Square holiday display beginning the celebrating of Hanukkah in Syracuse.



cover photo – City of Syracuse flicker