The County Executive is asking Everyone to VOLUNTARILY ‘Shelter In Place’ Beginning Tuesday, April 7th – Tuesday, April 28th

At his daily briefing on COVID- 19, Onondaga County Executive J. Ryan McMahon asked the public to shelter in place for the next 2 weeks and to limit trips to the stores and public parks to limited scheduled days of the week based on their birth year.  This will start on Tuesday, April 7th – Tuesday, April 28th.  “This is a community spread. If we’re going to win this in a timely fashion, we’ve got to do it as a community.” said the Onondaga County Executive.

The following is the schedule for VOLUNTARY shelter in place request

  • Even birth year – Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday 4/19
  • Odd birth year – Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday 4/12

This is VOLUNTARY and it does not mean you cannot take walks around the neighborhood with your spouse if you are born in 2 different years.

This action has been taken to confront what most experts are telling us are going to be some difficult times ahead. The County Executive is quite determined to bring down the curve, as we are seeing people out in public playing golf, basketball and other activities that have been deemed counterproductive and possibly contributing to the spread of he virus. Golf courses have also been closed by executive order, that does not apply to state owned facilities.

County Executive’s Daily Briefing – 4-5-20

County Executive’s Daily Snipit – 4-5-20

“We can only win. if we do this together.”

Number of people  currently being treated  for COVID 19

  • Syracuse: 127
  • Clay: 40
  • DeWitt: 28
  • Camillus: 23
  • Salina: 23
  • Cicero: 22
  • Manlius: 20
  • Onondaga: 18
  • Pompey: 15
  • Geddes: 12
  • Lysander: 11
  • Skaneateles: 8
  • Van Buren: 4
  • LaFayette: 3
  • Marcellus: 3
  • Otisco: 3
  • Tully: 2
  • Fabius: 1
  • Spafford: 1