The Fox Views Channel

With increasing frequency, our television tips to the right when The Fox News Channel is selected from your cable or satellite provider.

Have you also noticed the hatchet job the self-crowned “Fair and Balanced” News channel has done on the NAACP? Fox’s coverage of Shirley Sherrod was second only to the slap and chop slicer-dicer knife infomercials on late night television.

US Department of Agriculture employee Shirley Sherrod was summarily fired by Department Secretary Tom Vilsack after a tape filmed at an NAACP event reportedly showed Ms. Sherrod making “racist” comments before an approving NAACP audience.

From Bill O’Reilly to Sean Hannity to the combustible Glen Beck, these so-called news people have repeatedly taken minorities out of context in an effort to stir tension between the races. Like a spring robin feasting on a fattened worm, Fox News pounced and took the severely edited tape provided by a blogger, aired it, and made Ms. Sharrod appear to be “racist,” in their words.

It is well-documented that the comments were taken out of context and once the mistake was discovered the White House called and apologized, and she was even offered another job with the administration. (I think it’s at this point you’d want to tell someone what part of your anatomy to kiss.)

Glen Beck appears to be on a crusade to make people think the Obama Administration is something that should be tossed out as if there wasn’t an election.

Observe Beck during one of his segments when he foams at the mouth over his claims that “this” is not what the founding fathers intended and how Barak Obama and the Democrats are ignoring the intentions of these great men. He’s so fired up you could imagine his head literally exploding. His rants fall short of telling people to take arms against those he’s identified as socialists who, are in his words, “destroying our country.”

Many of you, especially if you’re over 50, grew up watching real newsmen on television. Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather -you know, the old school news guys who simply told you the news. Ever since an alien space craft created this faux news organization called Fox, “news” has never been the same.

We’ve watched as they’ve tried every tactic possible to appeal to those in this country who want to believe in the worst of us. Fox appeals to those who go to bed thinking that some minority Boogey Man is going to take their job.

Media Mogul Rupert Murdock, (a non-American), and his cronies have created a cable television success story by knocking the established news organizations, undermining the foundation of American journalism, and reducing debate and reportage into a series of Brady Bunch squares on a T.V. screen with cosmetic caked experts yelling at each other.

That rumbling sound you hear is Walter Cronkite rolling over in his grave.