“The Gift of Music” A Time For Giving, Last Minute Gifts!

Christmas is just around the corner, and perhaps you forgot some last minute gifts…Consider a lasting gift, The Gift of Music!

Music would be just the perfect gift for youth and adults, for it can be a rewarding and life-time remembrance and treasure.  Music plays an important part in the lives of all cultures and ages.  Young children and beyond gain many skills through developing brain-power and cognitive activities.

Research among youth and adults testify to the fact that it increases team-work and social skills. Music is academic for it is math, science, history, and other academic, interdisciplinary subjects.  Many can also attest to the fact that it is important to gain these life-long learning skills.

The benefits are rewarding, such as being a part of music vocal and instrumental groups, choirs, community activities, and for motivation, leisure, and building self-esteem.

Invest in music! It can pay great dividends!  Call now to reserve a Music Lesson Give Certificate for selected classes in music.  Classes are available (private and group), by contacting Dr. Joan Hillsman for information on piano/lessons, music mentoring, Gospel techniques, vocal coaching, and referrals.  Contact: Joan Hillsman’s Music Network (JHMN) at 315-373-0805.

Important Dates and Celebrations: Coming Soon!

Create Some Important Events for the Community! Develop Community Pride!

  • Kwanzaa Celebrations – Kwanzaa begins on December
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebrations
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. – “A Day On, Not A Day Off” activities, Contact Dr. Joan Hillsman for updated listings in Washington, D. C., January 21, 2019, with Annual Celebration at New Southern Rock Baptist Church, 750 Buchanan St. N.W., Rev. Rudolph White, Pastor, Committee: Ermyn Roberts, Walter Young, and Dr. Joan Hillsman (Syracuse, NY), her 38th Year in this historical celebration, started before day became a National Holiday. She received a piece of the Dr. King Sculpture from the Dr. MLK Monument of the mall, trimmings given to her by the mason/sculptor,
  • Inter-Faith Works – Free to the public! Hosted at Southern Missionary Baptist Church, (Rev. Shawn Robeson, Host Pastor) 1343 Midland Ave., Syracuse, NY, Free Parking, Free Admission, Handicap Access, Reception to follow Monday February 4, 2019,  February 4, 2019, time: 6:30-8:00 PM.  This program was established by the United Nations Assembly. It seeks to affirm that mutual understanding and interfaith dialogue constitute important dimensions of a culture of peace. This 9th Annual event is sponsored by Interfaith Works of Central New York and Women Transcending Boundaries.  The Theme is “We Are Family.” There will be Dialogue and groups performing. Dr. Joan Hillsman will engage the audience in sing-along. Mark Your Calendar!
  • Black History Month Celebration at Beachamp Library, Syracuse, NY with celebrations: Music, Poetry, and much more. Participants are welcomed. For More Information, Contact Dr. Joan Hillsman at 315-373-0805. For Further Information, also call Beachamp Library.
  • Wanted Singers and Musicians to join “Syracuse Chapter of the Gospel Music Workshop of America. Email: jhillsman@twcny.rr.com or call 315-299-4928.
  • Save these dates and plan to attend:

The National Board Board Meeting of the Gospel Music Workshop of America (GMWA), performance, Collegiate Night Performances, and planning sessions for the up-coming National Convention  will take place in Los Angeles, Calif. March 18-21, 2019. The National GMWA 51st National Convention will be held in Washington, D. C. July 27-August 2, 2019. Participants Welcomed.

Contact Dr. Hillsman (jhillsman@twcny.rr.com).  More information to come! Visit the website: www.gmwanational,net.