The Land Bank: Yeshua Restoration Ministries’ and the Renovation of 1800 Lodi St

The Land Bank has been working with and supporting Yeshua Restoration Ministries‘ renovation of this three-family home at the corner of Lodi and Mary Streets for the past two years.  This project was made possible by a grant from Enterprise Community Partners through their Neighbors for Neighborhoods program, which was designed to help Land Banks sell high-quality, renovated, rental properties to owner-occupants who live nearby in the same neighborhood.  The grant covered ~75% of the project costs and, in exchange, the units must remain affordable to low-to-moderate income renters for 20 years.

This was a big, complicated project, but through an innovative partnership with our buyer, Lou Vinciguerra, and Yeshua Restoration Ministries, this long-time highly visible eyesore has been transformed!  Lou and his wife, Anne, live just around the corner and run Yeshua Restoration Ministries, a grassroots, faith-based organization whose mission is “to assist in the restoration and equipping of individuals, families, and neighborhoods so that they may better participate as vital, contributing members of the community.” This project took a little longer than normal in part because the renovation involved training Northside residents in carpentry and construction skills.  Yeshua Restoration Ministries desires to become involved in the additional purchase, renovation and management of distressed properties to be turned into affordable, low income and mixed, dignified housing.