The People’s Agenda for Policing present a series of Virtual Forums “Warrior Cop Mentality”- Forum No.1

The ​People’s Agenda for Policing​ is hosting a series of virtual forums focusing on the warrior cop mentality, police transparency, police surveillance, and the People’s Agenda/2021. The conversation comes as public scrutiny of police officers and state-sanctioned violence is growing nationwide due to more extensive police reform and calls for accountability. Forums are free and open to the community.

While the “warrior” narrative has existed in law enforcement circles for decades, it has intensified in recent years, driven by the flood of funding and surplus military equipment made available to police departments following the terror attacks on September 11, 2001. There is now a cottage industry of police consultants, which charge departments thousands of dollars to teach “fear-based” and “killology” tactics more suited for war than civil society. The first forum will explore the implications of our nation’s police force’s militarization on the communities they serve.

“Warrior Cop Mentality” Forum No. 1

Thursday | March 4 | 6-7:30 p.m. EST | Register at: Forum No. 1 Registration

Guest Panelists + Dialogue Moderators for Thursday, March 4, forum include Carol Baum (Syracuse, Peace Council), T.J. Davis (Black Lives Matter, Syracuse). Shukri Mohamed (co-founder, CuseYouth BLM), Yusuf Abdul Qadir (Director, CNY Chapter of NYCLU), and Sarhia Abdul Rahim (co-founder, Raha Syracuse).