The Urban CNY Interviews: Candidates for the Democratic Nomination for Syracuse Mayor, Joe Nicoletti, Juanita Perez Williams and Marty Masterpole

Urban CNY asked the Democratic Party Candidates for Mayor participating in the upcoming Primary on September 12th to respond to a questionnaire. After an introduction of each candidate, you’ll read in their own words, responses to the same questions.  This questionnaire has questions and more importantly answers, which perhaps will give you a view of the candidate from a different angle.

These are only Democratic Party Candidates running in the Primary, there are others running on different lines. However, this race will determine who the democrats will put up against other candidates on the ballot. The general election will be a four-way race between Laura Lavine (Republican), Howie Hawkins (Green), Ben Walsh (Reform, Upstate Jobs) and the winner of the three-way Democratic primary.

The X-Factor in this campaign is Ben Walsh, a well-funded Independent; can he break the cycle of two major parties dominating the electoral process? With a grandfather who was Syracuse Mayor and a father who was our U.S. Congressman, will the family legacy help people find a name far down the ballot? These are all questions that will be answered as we cruise into our 2017 Campaign for Mayor of the City of Syracuse.


Questions to Candidates for Mayor of the City of Syracuse

Joe Nicoletti


“Our family has been here 5 generations”. Joe is proud to tell you he attended Salina School, Grant, North High school, and the First graduating class at Henninger High School.  He received his B.A. from Syracuse University and a Masters from the Maxwell School of Citizenship in Public Affairs….Click Here for Candidate introduction and response to Urban CNY questions


Juanita Perez Williams


Born and raised in San Diego, California Juanita Perez Williams is a Mexican-American whose grandparents migrated from Guanajuato, Mexico. As a child Juanita participated in one of the first Head Start Programs and attended college with the assistance of the Educational Opportunity Program….Click Here for Candidate introduction and response to Urban CNY questions


Marty Masterpole


Marty Masterpole is a lifelong Tipperary Hill resident, living several doors down from where he grew up on Coleridge Ave. His political resume gives him a perspective from a variety of public offices….Click Here for Candidate introduction and response to Urban CNY questions