There’s a New Sauce in Town!

Get Ready for Grilling Season with Neighborhood Chef, Now at Green Hills Farms

Make this sauce part of your Memorial Day weekend cookout!

Syracuse, NY– Neighborhood Chef, Sauce will launch at Green Hills Farms, May 27, just in time for the community to make it part of their Memorial Day weekend celebrations. Neighborhood Chef’s signature sauces are the first products launched by founder and CEO, Chef Lonnie Bowens, and partner Chef Betiea Bowens, who together have over 20 years’ experience in the culinary arts.

“It’s grilling season and not only are these sauces great for your grilled meat and veggies but also as marinades and salad dressings,” said Betiea Bowens, Co-owner/Chef.  “We are excited to take this step and grow our business and are proud to partner with Green Hills to bring our sauces to the Syracuse community.”

For the past several years, this minority-owned company has sold its delicious products through its catering company and developed a loyal following. In addition to the launch of Neighborhood Chef, LLC’s Signature Sauces at Green Hills, the company will continue to offer catering services that highlight the owner’s skills for creating unique dishes in the southern and soul traditions.

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