This Week’s TMR: What Happened with the Election Polls (Again)?

Syracuse, N.Y. – John Zogby, founder and senior partner of John Zogby Strategies, will discuss polling practices and this year’s election during a Zoom public forum from 8 to 9 a.m. Thursday hosted by Syracuse University’s Thursday Morning Roundtable.

Pre-election polls in the United States did not miss quite as badly as in 2016, but the 2020 presidential and Senate elections were much closer than polls suggested. Many who follow public opinion polls are understandably asking how that could happen, particularly after the polling community took aggressive steps to understand and address the problems from 2016.

Zogby, who has spent the past four decades as one of the most accurate pollsters in the world, says the problem is that too many polls rely on turnout models that fall short of actual Election Day turnout demographics. Most notable, he says in this commentary and will discuss in more detail Thursday, is the tendency to oversample Democrats and under sample Republicans.

Now in its 55th year, Thursday Morning Roundtable features speakers who discuss current topics. Following the forum, residents can use the chat function to ask questions and Emily Winiecki, community engagement coordinator for Syracuse University’s Office of Community Engagement, will moderate the Q&A session.

Here are the details: 

“Zogby Polling” with John Zogby, founder and senior partner of John Zogby Strategies, hosted by Syracuse University’s Thursday Morning Roundtable.
8-9 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 19.

To watch and participate in the forum through a Zoom webinar:


Meeting ID: 940 2005 8499
Passcode: 104732

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Next Week’s TMR: TMR is off next week for Thanksgiving. It will resume Dec. 3 with the “State of Criminal Justice in Onondaga County” with District Attorney William Fitzpatrick and Syracuse University College of Law Dean Craig M. Boise.

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