To all the Mothers Out There

A Special Tribute to All Mothers, Young and Old, Motherly Figures, Mothers-to-Be Mothers-In-Law, Mother Wanna Be, people that randomly call you mother, Role Models!

This tribute is to take the time out, especially on Mother’s Day to say a kind word, do a kind deed to the mother figures in you r life.  Mothers should be remembered on a daily basis, but if you have not done it now!

You may not have them for a life time, when she is gone there is a great void!  Don’t judge them, remember them. Don’t forget the fact that they held and nurtured you.

Yes, there may be those who did not live up to the standards and characteristics of a good mother, but forgive them and move on.  Duplicate and share this tribute or precious memories.  Mothers are a jewel!