Today is Election Day, Polls are Open Until 9 pm.

Today is Election Day for the General Election. Most offices on the ballot are local, An Assembly vacancy and Syracuse City Elected Offices are also on the ballot today.  It is also known as an, “off year” election, this is when turnout is low because there’s no Presidential Election to draw more people to the process.

Turnout among democrats take the largest hit during off year elections, with voter participation plummeting.

What to Look For

The Syracuse Common Council races are heavily democratic leaning. The bright spot may be Syracuse’s 2nd District, where Green Candidate, Frank Cetera has aggressively challenged incumbent Chad Ryan. If Cetera wins it will be a first for the Green Party in Syracuse.  Other Green Party candidates have challenged democrats mounting a full forced campaign for City Auditor, Syracuse Common Council and Syracuse Commissioner of Education offices.

Pamela Hunter is poised to win the Assembly seat vacated by Sam Roberts as he took a position in Governor Cuomo’s administration.  During the last election cycle, a presidential year the republican challenger John Sharron received 46% of the vote. Fast forward to 2015, a year where there’s no drawing race at the top of the ticket, Sharron could pull an upset if democratic voters stay home.

Hunter has been helped by Albany democrats with multiple mailings and an aggressive Get-Out-The-Vote effort in the democratic voter rich 17th ward.

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