“Trouble at the Plantation”

Politics as they apply to the black community has never been based on anything other than getting “them” to the polls to get those black votes. It is well known that African-Americans vote overwhelming for democrats – or not at all.

Therefore developments in the Deputy Joe Price verses incumbent Kevin Walsh race are not a surprise to me in fact it appears like business as usual.

The Democratic Party designee for Onondaga County Sheriff Deputy Joe Price will face long-time incumbent republican Kevin Walsh. In recent weeks published reports have linked Deputy Price to 60 postings that had sexist, homophobic and racist “overtones”. These postings in question were under his Syracuse.com user name modman97.

Deputy Price has denied these allegations which had surfaced prior to his being endorsed by Onondaga County democrats.

The democrats upon hearing this story bust open like a pair of fat mans’ britches feigned anger- not unlike an old southern antebellum Scarlet O’Hara from Gone with the Wind as she gingerly flips open her fan, “I de-clair, we don’t know nothin’ ’bout no racist in our paaaarty, we loves everybody”.

Meanwhile back on the democratic plantation Diane Dwire, the committee chairperson, said in a statement, “”The Democratic Party has always been based on inclusiveness, equality and respect for all. The office of sheriff deserves credibility and integrity.”

Earlier this year Democratic officials were warned about the character of the man they were about to nominate for public office.

As far as “always being based on inclusiveness, equality and respect for all” . Ask “Common Councilor” Paulette Johnson, Marge White, Shirley Moody and Calvin Corridors these are just a few members of the African-American community that have served in some capacity as both democrats and republicans who’ve ascended to office via the Commissioner of Education route. This model hasn’t worked for black democrats

Over the last twenty years you can watch the movement of young white men and women through the system many when they arrived in Syracuse didn’t know their way to the Carrier Dome.

Ask “Mayor” Charles Anderson who instead of become Council President was “dissed” by the party after being used as the emissary for liberal causes.

Like workers on an old Southern plantation black democrats get no respect until it’s time for the leaders to depend on those programmed-vote democratic-all-the-time votes.

September 27, 2010