Two Vacant Houses Damaged by Wind-Driven Fire, Firefighters Remove Handicapped Resident from Nearby Home

Syracuse, N.Y. – At 1:03 A.M. December 7th, the Syracuse Fire Department was called to 114 Strand Place for a reported fire.  The first units were on scene in less than 3 minutes, and found a vacant structure heavily involved in fire.  Strong winds spread the flames from the original building to a neighboring structure, which was also vacant.  Crews immediately began working to extinguish both fires while searching each building for potential victims.  While inside the original fire building, crews encountered high heat and zero visibility.  The fire had burned several holes in the floors, making the operation very dangerous.

A third nearby house, which was occupied, began to burn due to the radiant heat.  Firefighters entered the house and removed an adult male who was confined to a wheelchair.  That fire was quickly extinguished and the damage to that house is considered minimal.  The occupant was not injured.

Due to the heavy volume of fire and the number of structures involved, additional firefighters were called to the scene.  It took more than 30 minutes to bring the fire under control, and no injuries were reported.  The Syracuse Police Department and AMR also responded to the scene.  Members of the Fire Investigation Bureau are currently working to determine the origin and cause of the fire.