Urban Jobs Task Force Celebrates Reinstatement of Sep-14 Pilot Program Allowing Local Hire on Federal Infrastructure Projects Just in Time for I-81 Rebuild

Statement by Urban Jobs Task Force President Deka Dancil on announcement by Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to reinstate Sep-14 pilot program for local hiring on federal infrastructure projects:

“Yesterday, we were pleased to hear the call for leadership and equity on I-81 being heard by our federal officials and embraced by Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and President Joe Biden.

The Syracuse community can and should celebrate this very positive step on the journey to local hire on I-81. We are particularly grateful to Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer, and Jobs to Move America for their tireless advocacy to revive this critically important policy, empowering communities across the nation – including Syracuse.

As advocates involved in this fight from day one, Urban Jobs Task Force of Syracuse welcomes this news along with the hope it gives for permanently lifting the federal ban on local hire.

At this time, all eyes are on Syracuse and we must ask again – what will be done with $2 billion of taxpayer money? The reinstatement of Sep-14 leaves no room for excuses in terms of achieving maximum local hire on the I-81 rebuild project. UJTF now looks forward to working with state and local officials as well as our community partners at the I-81 Big Table to make the promise of this important federal action real, tangible, and transformational for Syracuse residents.”