Vanessa Williams: Always Miss America to me

Vanessa Williams will be in Syracuse this weekend to receive her degree from Syracuse University. And already those in the Internet bloggosphere have pounced on the fact that Ms. Williams left school to compete in and ultimately win the Miss America Pageant.

Good for her!

If she were a he, and left school early to play basketball or football, there’d be no discussion of a degree granted to someone undeserving.

Many people leave school and return along with credit for life experience or life work in general. Those critical of Ms. Williams and Syracuse University have too much time on their hands.

As a student in the College of Visual & Performing Arts what do you think her career path would be? She’s appeared in films, recorded top selling CD’s and continues to be a regular on television today.

Give her the damn college Degree and the keys to the city while you’re at it.

We were enriched just to have the name of our city attached to the first black Miss America. In the great-room of my parents house there was a photo of Ms. Williams that remained for years even after the crown was snatched from her head.

We all know what happened.

The “Miss America Scandal” that rocked the headlines was tame in comparison to recently minted pop stars emerging from Limo’s with no “drawers” on.

We celebrate what looks like a walking crack pipe in Amy “Rehab” Winehouse and hang on Britney’s every panty-less move.

And when did you last hear of the Miss America Pageant? (Crickets chirping)

I believe it’s now on the cable channel TLC.
Vanessa Williams – She’ll always be Miss America to me.