Video for FOCUS Forum on ‘Workforce Development for the Individual’ is now available!

Did you miss our May FOCUS Forum on Workforce Development for the Individual with the Syracuse Community Center Collaborative? Don’t fret, our Forum is now available on VIDEO!

You can watch our Forum video HERE!

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The Syracuse Community Center Collaborative is united in strengthening Syracuse neighborhoods by helping neighbors access opportunities to build the lives they want to live. Equitable employment strengthens low-income families’ economic security and well-being, it also is the main path towards broad-based economic growth.

Panelists for the FOCUS Forum consists of Brian Fay, Executive Director, Syracuse Northeast Community Center; Joan Royle, Executive Director, Westcott Community Center; Maribel Arce, Director of Strategic Operations, Syracuse Community Center Collaborative and Chol-Awan Majok, Director of Workforce Development, Syracuse Northeast Community Center.

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Thank you for your support, your creativity and your input in Forging Our Community’s United Strength and the future of our region. FOCUS is an independent 501 (c) 3 organization funded by your charitable contributions, grants and sponsorships.

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