Video for September and October FOCUS Forums Now Available

September Forum: Bridging the Digital Divide in CNY – Panelists for our Digital Divide forum included David Bottar, Executive Director, CNY Regional Planning and Development Board; Annabeth Hayes, Co-Founder, CNY Digital Inclusion Coalition, Director, Tully Free Library; Jennifer Tifft, Director of Strategic Initiatives, City of Syracuse; and Kevin Sexton, Chief Information Officer, Onondaga County Department of Information Technology.

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October Mayoral Candidate Forum: How Do You Create a Sustainable Syracuse?

FOCUS Greater Syracuse partnered with GreeningUSA and the CNY Solidarity Coalition to present The speakers included the three candidates running for City of Syracuse Mayor: Democratic Party candidate Councilor Khalid Bey; Republican Party candidate Janet Burman, and Unaffiliated but running under the Independence Party candidate Mayor Ben Walsh; joining us will be our Moderator, Chris Bolt. Elections will be held on Tuesday, November 2, 2021.

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Reminder: Wisdom Keeper 2021 Tickets Are Now on Sale!

FOCUS Greater Syracuse Inc. will celebrate our Wisdom Keepers and their message to “Get Involved, Make A Difference” at the SALTspace, Oct. 28, 2021 at 5:00 pm, with the three Wisdom Keepers for 2021:

The Honorable Van B. Robinson
Linda Brown-Robinson
Merike Treier

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You also can see the virtual Forums you have missed in this series at .

They are: 

  • Mayoral Candidate Forum: How Do You Create a Sustainable Syracuse?
  • Bridging The Digital Divide In CNY
  • Child Care in Onondaga County
  • Priorities For Making Our Community A Better Place To Live For All
  • Workforce Development for The Individual
  • Higher Education in A Time Of Covid
  • Thursday Morning Roundtable and Focus Forum On K-12 Education
  • Blueprint 15

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