Voices: A Response to “Mary Nelson Pours Tea All Over Local Elected Black Leaders”

I just finished reading this article and as a person who has an operating food pantry on South Salina Street, I find there is a lack of adhesiveness and connectivity. If Miss Nelson has been involved in the community this long surely, she could be more accessible to the various groups as well. We are very active on I 81 Project, Civic engagement, from getting out the vote to meeting The Candidates Events. We thank you for putting out our information when it was sent to Urban CNY.

I have come by Ms. Nelson’s establishment and offered to assist in anyway ,I had access is a food from food rescue that I was volunteering with. when I first moved to Syracuse a few years ago never my helpful hand had been extended, and she turned my offer down not even taking my phone number or a business card! And it is hard to miss the food pantry since it’s centrally located across from Colvin Street post office. There have been flyers let regarding her event although no one has personally met with me to ask if I would display them. So, this is not just a one-sided affair, we put on many events to engage people to get out the vote for which that community center is not a part of them and has never to my knowledge, attended.

Rather than addressing Ms. Nelson discontent at a meeting that she may want to call, she has chose to put it on Facebook for even the uninvolved to see! That is a very sad commentary when we are all doing something on the power of the Vote in this community, voting matters, So do registered voters, they matter!

These kids will never get access to the education, the book bags will do little unless we have elected officials that share in our vision, for the betterment of Syracuse schools! In order to do that we need registered voters, and we need all hands-on deck to encourage this! The officials don’t necessarily need to come and campaign, but support works both ways! I am certain that the mayor needed to be seen since he is running for office. So somehow that was an indirect endorsement going on Facebook and hearing her disappointment! In the next few months, the mayor gets to use this photo op! Feel free to send an editorial, I find it shameful, shameful that Facebook takes the place of a community meeting with us for us by us!

Jacqueline Lasonde