“Voices” Khalid Bey: An Understanding of Diversity

The human mind knowingly and/or unknowingly makes decisions in every moment based on deductive reasoning. Deductive reasoning is qualified by the process of comparison or differentiating the parts of a whole. The very existence of life as we know it is rooted in this idea of comparison or the process by which we determine one thing from another according to its differences. Our ability to feel allows for a determination of the differences between hot and cold; our ability to see allows us to recognize the differences between light and darkness; our animal will, or instinct empowers us with the ability to determine by use of the former and the latter; and even still our ability to sit back in act as the conscious observer of the aforementioned processes empowers us with an understanding of the differences between the several kingdoms of nature.

The message communicated in the above paragraph should make apparent an undeniable reality: that absent contrast or recognizable differences life as we know it could not be validated. This reality should cause one to question society’s understanding of life and its intent. Our struggle to establish diversity in and throughout our society is contradicted by the demand for cultural assimilation. A world that is but a single color would lack dimension and therefore could not be substantiated.

I have been told at times that I needed to simplify my speech, so that people could better or more easily understand what I may be communicating. I inherently disagree, for even our various capacities for speech and understanding contributes to our variety and allows for increased opportunities to become more familiar of our differences. In American society and throughout the world, what we celebrate as an evolution of thought and understanding is in fact primitive, for our inability to see that the idea that allows for the consideration of that which is life, is difference. How can we not celebrate what allows for our determination?

Our differences in race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, height, weight, etc. is an expression of what is truly natural in the world. I am a Man; I am of dark brown complexion; I am left-handed; I am willful; I am disciplined; I am of modest means; I am principled and I do not seek permission to be me.

I am diversity.

With Love, Respect and Appreciation.

Khalid Bey
Candidate for Mayor ‘21
City of Syracuse