Voices-Senate Candidate Sam Rodgers: Columbus Statue is a Local Decision, but Let’s Not Whitewash History

The Syracuse Christopher Colum bus monument has stood tall in downtown Syracuse since the mid 1930s as a testament to the acceptance of Italian Americans. Not long before it was erected, Italian Americans were decried as sub-par citizens, even in local newspapers.

“ No man or woman in history has maintained a spotless legacy. We celebrate Italian heritage with this Colum bus statue not because he was perfect, but because, despite his imperfections, Christopher Columbus’ voyage to the Americas was pivotal to creating the world in which we live,” Rodgers continued.

Sam Rodgers has spoken to several local leaders who have expressed interest in the monument being relocated to their communities.

“ Salina Town Councilors Nick Paro and David Carnie are looking forward to finding a new home for this monument in the Lyncourt neighborhood. I am thankful for their foresight and look forward to encouraging this process that would bring a historic Italian figure to a heavily populated Italian community.”

Sam Rodgers is running on the Republican, Conservative, Independence or SAM Party lines. He’s challenging incumbent Democrat Rachel May. For additional information on the candidate “click” on Sam for NY Senate