Walt Dixie to Announce Syracuse Faith Community Support

Friends for Walt Dixie Campaign to host event announcing Faith Community in Support

Walter Dixie continues to gain community support, 14 Churches in Syracuse standing by our candidate in this election. Through his entire career Walt has invested his knowledge and skills in turning around our most underprivileged / vulnerable communities. He has done most of this work with the support and in collaboration with many of Syracuse Pastors. As Walt announced his candidacy for City Councilor At-Large, Pastors are now offering Walt their support.

Wednesday June 2nd
10:00 am
611 South Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13207

(Price Rite parking lot)WHO: Walt Dixie, Candidate Syracuse City Councilor At-Large 2021 will be on site with Syracuse Pastors.

Longtime Syracuse Activist Walt Dixie wants to continue to advance his mission to turn around our impoverished community by bringing opportunity into the neighborhoods. He wants to step up and bring a new voice to the Syracuse City Council. Among the key elements in his platform are improving the quality of affordable housing; encouraging business development in struggling neighborhoods; improving mental health services, especially for those traumatized by violence; and reforming police operations to improve racial equity and community relations.