We Are Better Together! Ministries of Victory Temple is Asking for Donations for a Specific Cause

This pandemic has impacted many, but with the care and support of our Central New York community those who struggle can find a sense of relief and celebration because of the heart of neighbors and friends. Here is an opportunity for you to help. A young man from CNY recently graduated. He is presently enrolled in an advance graduate school program that requires him to “be professionally attired”. This young man has worked hard, and like many his usual support system is unable to help him attain this goal since they like so many have been impacted by Covid.

A fund has been set up to help him reach his goal of $1, 500.00. Two hundred dollars of that has been raised, Central New York help this young man be attired knowing it came from friends and neighbors of Central New York. Please forward your donations to Rev. Dr. H. Bernard Alex, Victory Temple Fellowship Church, 817 East Willow Street, Syracuse, New York 13203.

Make your check and or money order payable to Ministries of Victory Temple. For other electronic payment options, please email Rev. Alex at Bishophbalex@gmail.com.

Remember, “We Are Better Together!”