Westcott St. Building Renovation Stopped by City of Syracuse

Failure to Obtain Vent Hood Permit Shutters Project

The saga of Yeti Yogurt verses the Westcott Street Mural painted by local artist, Michael Moody took another turn as the community expressed outrage at the mutilation of a work of art. The city of Syracuse took action by inspecting the premises and determining that the proper permits had not been obtained. At that time a, “Stop Work” order was issued.  Prior to the order a representative of Yeti met with neighborhood resident, Annabel Hine Otts and assured her that the duct work would be removed.

Stop Work Order “click”on image to enlarge.

Yeti Frozen Yogurt & Smoothies issued a statement shortly after that meeting with Annabel Hine Otts, “I am in the process of modifying our permit to remove that side duct and go through the roof so that we can start fixing this. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns, sincerely, Chris Norcross”

Destruction of Public Art: Moody’s Mural Ruined by Exhaust Pipe through Woman’s Face