When the Home Repair is an Emergency: Home HeadQuarters Urgent Care Program

When the City of Syracuse called to see if Home HeadQuarters could help a homeowner with, what looked like an emergency roof repair, they realized the Eastwood home was already on their radar from staff who lived in the neighborhood. Lending staff doubled their efforts to get a hold of the homeowner and after a couple of weeks, the Veteran on a fixed income, was enrolled in HHQs’ Urgent Care Program. It was discovered that the homeowner also needed a new furnace along with a new roof. The Urgent Care Program allowed the homeowner to get the needed emergency repairs and only pay back a small portion of the loan provided he remain in the home for a period of time.

HHQ Urgent Care After (click to enlarge image.)

The Urgent Care Program is made possible with Community Development Block Grant Funds (CDBG) administered through the City of Syracuse. City homeowners who fall below income limits and are current on their property taxes and water bills can take advantage of the emergency home repair financing where a portion of the loan can be permanently deferred or not paid back.

If you have an emergency home repair, you can find an Urgent Care application HERE or call (315) 474-1939 to have one mailed to you.