Where’s the Missing Common Councilor?

Failure to show up to a job you’re being paid to perform is just as unacceptable as misappropriating city assets. 

In the City of Syracuse, a District Common Councilor represents one of 5 Districts that make up the Common Council District Map. According to sources a particular District Common Councilor’s missing important meetings and sessions. Where’s the missing Common Councilor?

Miss a few Study Sessions, a few meetings here and there, it’s expected. Many of our elected officials hold full time jobs or professions in addition to holding public office. How many people want the additional responsibility of running a municipality? Many evenings spent away from family, listening to people complain about pot holes for the twelve hundredth time at a TNT neighborhood meeting!

That being said, some have quietly voiced their concern about the District Councilor’s absence. It’s perhaps more troubling that; additional Council Meetings allegedly will be missed.

When a person of color in Syracuse falls from grace, there’s a torches to the castle mentality. A rush to judgement occurs before the facts are in. Let a member of one of our esteemed local families’ make a poor judgement call and it’s covered gently, like the snow concealed terrain of a Central New York winter.

Failure to show up to a job you’re being paid to perform is just as unacceptable as misappropriating city assets. In Central New York, privilege and its use, are the underpinnings of power. We’ve seen it time and time again when public figures fall from grace. Your wallet and or lineage determine how far you descend and the impact of your landing, or if you even have a parachute.

It’s troubling to have to write in this form which is meant not to indict, but to ask questions about fairness and responsibility. There are times when people make poor decisions- it occurs regularly, regardless of race, sex, religion, etc.

If you cannot be there for your constituents and if you’re unable to fulfill the duties of the office to which you were elected, it’s time for you to step down.

There was a shooting on Avery Ave. along a stretch of the city on the Far Westside, known as being a safe neighborhood. Notice how “Tipp Hill” was not mentioned in the coverage? Let something happen on the South Side, it’s on blast! “Man shot on the city’s South Side near (insert business name here)”

Our streets didn’t deteriorate overnight. Our roads took a slow but steady slog towards disintegration. Our government representation didn’t go missing from constituents overnight, it took years.

We have entire swaths of the city going without an ombudsman. Sections of his Common Council District have become home to the ever spreading scourge of gun violence. And the only one who appears to have a silencer is our missing Common Council District Representative.

Hint: Could he be here? Where’s the Missing Common Council Member Map