Winter Fair Event Inside the Expo “Sunday Gospel Explosion”

The New York State Fair presented an exciting indoor Winter Fair inside the Expo Center, February 8-12, 2019.  This event featured a unique presentation of local talent, vendors, rides, food, exhibits galore, dancers, youth, poetry, drumming, dancers, spoken word, A Sunday Gospel Explosion, and more. This event allowed the community to come together and share networking experiences. It was reported to have over 25,000 people who came out to experience all the fun of the Fair inside the Expo at the Van Robinson Pan African Village, as well as Black History Month recognitions of all cultures and ages. It included elements of the New York State Fair.

“It was a pleasure having been asked by the NAACP to coordinate the “Sunday Gospel Explosion”. There were several adjustments made in the programming at the fair, and we able to accommodate a line up on Sunday, Feb.10th, from 2 o’clock pm-8pm, with back-to-back performances of approximately fifteen (15) or more “Gospel Explosive Participants”.  “Opportunities such as these on a national platform expose the talents of participants on another level”

Thanks again to the NAACP, President, Linda Van Robinson, Gwen Muok, Vice President  and committee  for allowing me and the Joan Hillsman’s Music Network, Inc. (JHMN) to coordinate, this, a First Indoor Mini-version of the State Fair. It was stated that the event was all the fun of the fair “Inside the Expo Center)”

Dr. Joan Hillsman, Music Educator, author and national Board Member of the Gospel Music Workshop of America (, with over 141 Chapters (six of which are international. Syracuse is seeking membership to expand its local chapter (Contact: