Workers Needed for High-Growth Sector of Health Care Industry

Onondaga Community College will hold an information session for people interested in training for employment in the Medical Billing and Coding field. There is an increased need for workers specializing in this area. During the past year nearly 300 related openings were posted in Central New York. Training will include the new federally mandated coding standards which take effect in October 2015. The average starting salary in the Syracuse area is $24,700.

Medical coders are responsible for translating all details of patient’s records into codes used by insurance companies. That information determines reimbursements to doctor’s offices or hospitals. The new codes will adhere to international standards, helping health care providers determine how effectively treatment of a specific ailment is anywhere in the world.

Mulroy Hall at OCC

Mulroy Hall at OCC

OCC’s information session for its Billing & Coding Training Program will be held Tuesday, February 3 from 5:45 to 7 p.m. at Mulroy Hall, 4926 Onondaga Road (NYS Route 173), Syracuse, 13215. Attendees are encouraged to fill out an online RSVP form in advance.

Classes will be held Monday and Wednesday evenings starting in early March and ending in early December. Successful completion of the class will prepare students for national certification exams.

Questions regarding the information session and training program can be answered by emailing, calling the Office of Lifelong Learning at (315) 498-6000 or by visiting